How To Slow Down Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the ability to slow down time? Well while we may not necessarily be able to physically, we can mentally; it’s all in the way we live our day to day lives and how, and when you use your time spent. With that bring said…

May everyone have a happy Sunday:)

1. Live for now, not for later
We can only experience happiness in the present moment. Just because we are in the middle of a mundane project does not mean we cannot reflect on this fortunate opportunity to participate in the dance of life. Our moments are so fleeting. A day will pass so quickly, even when doing something we do not want to do. It is important to find something worth appreciating, especially during the moments we prefer to do without. Those are our moments too! With every heartbeat, we beat odds that are heavily stacked against us. Learn to love what you have to do. You will be much happier as you savor even more of your moments.

2. Visit social media, don’t live there
Ok, I will say it. We spend too much…

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  1. prior.. says:

    I really like MIU and looking forward to the rst of the article…
    and so far – love this part:
    Visit social media, don’t live there

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    1. Aren’t his article great? I really enjoy what he posts about. I know, so funny the way he worded that one about social media. I feel like it has become our lives lol

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      1. prior.. says:

        yeah – and it was fun to tag along with Dr. Perry at MIU as he finished his PhD – felt joy with him – love when that happens.
        and wishing you a nice rest fo your day (or night)


  2. Like your thought about not living on social media!

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    1. Thanks, unfortunately I can’t take the credit for that part but find that saying to be true with how way we look at social media and how it is to be used.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Yesterday my 10 year old granddaughter was complaining about how long a year is between birthdays. Remember when days used to drag on forever?

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    1. Oh boy I sure do, those were the days:)! All I wanted to be when I was a kid was a teenager and then an adult. These days, I many times long to just be a free spirited kid again. IT’s funny how life works.

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  4. It’s impossible
    to live forever
    now until
    does it
    for now
    more with no
    of bucks disappointed
    to see this lead to another
    link for that but never the less
    i understand what it was like to live for money
    as the
    of tomorrow
    that never comes
    for all we have as Love..
    it’s dreamy when all the dollar biLLs die..:)


  5. i read much more of your blog
    and i see my first opinion
    was not correct..
    Nice View
    from the
    true slow is good too..:)


  6. Clicked and read the whole article. For my part, I try to spend Sunday completely offline, just to give myself a break.


  7. I definitely could use even more slowing down – there are just days when the hours zip by! I loved Dr Perry’s article – thank you for sending me his way. Definitely need to be better about Social media.


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