Hi fellow bloggers, we are looking for some advice and input. So the past couple of days have been sort of a roller coaster. You see, both of us having providing odd job services such as tech support/help for a couple families as well as babysitting and being a personal assistant for a wealthy family who is really great and generous, in which we have come to view more so as friends than employees. This job has been ongoing for the past year now.

Spiffy and I are going on 30 and have been wanting to start our very own business for awhile and have been talking about for some time now but with working six days a week and trying to make the earnings needed, we haven’t yet.

Just about a week ago we were presented with a (NDA disclosure agreement) document through email by them, stating that if we cause damage or distrust with them or on their premise that we would be sued and would agree to  plead quilty and pay for damages upfront without having a say in things if signed. Well since we didn’t agree with the document and asked for it to be revised twice according to the interests and needs of both parties; them and us. After going back and forth the past couple of days, we were politely told last night that it was not possible and that we would have to sign the document or else could no longer work for them. We accepted the difference in agreement and parted ways. I was very saddened but thought this could be a good thing, a time to shift focus and change gears.

Now, they emailed us reassuring that the document is not intended to be malicious in anyway and is just for the protection for their family and would really like for us to stick around and to just sign it.I need your Advice - Copy

Well, between last night and this morning, we realized how it was a blessing in disguise and how we can finally focus on our future and choose our own destiny  (getting married, buying a place, having kids) rather than building up everyone else’s future rather then being stagnant putting ours on hold. I saw this as an opportunity to put our full hearts into our business now that we have the time and go full swing with it. We both agreed that we could create the future we want sooner than we thought. I saw it as a sign from god that this was it, this was the time.

Now we are on the fence on what to do. Any advice?

should we put our full focus and hearts into giving our business a go and see where it can us take, perhaps this will make us successful, while politely parting ways with this family or should we go back to working with the family and slowly build our business with no promises of when we can fully be on our own?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I suggest you part ways with this family, and make the fresh start that you describe. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts:)


  2. I would part ways with the family and go all in on your plans. If you have the focus and believe in what you are doing, things will work out in your favor.

    And as far as that agreement, whether it is intended as malicious or not, I would never sign something like what you described. I understand their need to look after their own interests but you also need to be mindful of what is in your best interest.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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    1. Thank you for reaching out and giving your input and motivating words. So as far as the document goes, you wouldn’t sign it even if you fully trusted the person? I wish this were easier… While I’m still thinking it is still best to just part ways, he is now thinking that it would be a good idea to have a 3 month plan and for us to just sign off on the document over to them but I just can’t help but think as much I think of them as friends, if we’ve already been with them for a year and have gotten to know them on a personal level why can’t there be exceptions to this document, ya know? Other workers apparently signed off on it but those are people that are not involved in their personal lives like we are. If they need more background on us we have no problem to do so. this document is like signing a blank check over to someone trusting that they won’t bankrupt you. I see it being more of a liability than anything else.

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  3. ortensia says:

    I would focus on your plans beside this agreement to be signed would have really put me off.Lets see it like a sign that now it is time to go forward with your own business.good luck guys

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    1. For you in your opinion, how so would the document put you off? I’m at such a loss that I’m just look for any and all advice I can get. I wrote in more detail of the document in my above comment if you’d like to take a looksy. WE really appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts to us:)

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      1. ortensia says:

        I don’t know but after all this time of working together it looked to me like a lack of trust

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        1. Right? That how I initially felt but I get that this is protocol for many businesses. Only, we don’t have a typical business relationship with them and I’ve read that these can be negotiable. So that’s what weir trying for at this point.

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        2. ortensia says:

          I understand now.still may be it came for reason…make you think to go your own way😉


  4. equipsblog says:

    Fate has given you the present. You might want to take advantage of it.

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    1. Thank you, good point to be made 🙂 we’ll take that into consideration

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  5. I think you know the answer deep in your gut – trust yourself

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    1. You’re right, It would help if we weren’t on the fence given the circumstances with them and our relationship.

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  6. Obviously I haven’t seen the document so I am just going off what you said. Based on that, I would not sign it, friends or not. It sounds like you would not be comfortable signing it, as written, so I think you should go with your gut on this one.

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    1. Yeah, after much thought and consideration we have come to terms that we cannot and are seeing what can be worked out to reach a middle ground potentially

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  7. foodzesty says:

    I would part ways and move on 🙂

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  8. LFBooks says:

    It all really depends on your money situation. Are you in a position to go for it or not. Just bare in mind if you do go with your business, it will be hard and it will be slow. Just stick with it.

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    1. Not exactly but can be in a position to be ready in the next week. I really think we can mentally be prepared for the risk.

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  9. juliehcares says:

    Oh HELL no you aren’t signing that! That’s ridiculous!!! You will find better people to help, I promise!

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    1. Well the people mean well, and truly are good hearted people. It’s just whats outlined in this document how it can potentially hurt us in the future for reason’s we have et to know about that concerns us.

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      1. juliehcares says:

        As you should. In my opinion (as a self employed driver of the elderly), you should NOT sign that, no matter that you trust them or they are good people.

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  10. Storm says:

    My advice is to focus on your dreams. I understand you really like this family and you trust them, but I don’t think the part where you are 100% responsible for basically anything and are automatically guilty is fair. If it was a simple NDA where you just have to agree to not talk about their private family issues, how much money they make, any confidential information you come into, that I get. Any damage it’s your fault automatically, I don’t like that. If your trust went both ways, they would have negotiated the NDA for both parties. If you really want to stay this family, stick to you guns, and tell them we will not come back unless this is revised to our liking. Don’t undersell yourself!

    My boyfriend is going through a similar situation on deciding about following his dreams and starting his own business/community garden. He has time, he has enough money, so I am telling him go for it. Just like I’m telling you, if you’re ready, do it!

    I hope this helps a bit, good luck to you guys.

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  11. Elizabeth says:

    That is a tough one. Not knowing the family, I am hesitant to give advice, but I do wonder why they presented this after a year. I like a little security, having been unemployed at various times. I personally would stay with your jobs and spend maybe 30 minutes a day really specifically planning where you are headed and how to get there. I remember the old adage ‘”a bird in the hand(your jogs) is worth two in the bush(your dream life.)”


    1. That is a great plan you laid out for us except we would only be signing it out of stability and relationship reasons going against our gut on the severity of whats outlined. But you’re smart thinking though. We certainly don’t want to wind up in a bad position so, we are trying to see if there is any wiggle room with making alterations. Thank you for your thoughts:)

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        As I said, I sure don’t know the whole picture. I just wish you the best in the short and long run.


  12. Sometimes opportunity presents itself in storage ways. I would take a leap of faith and invest in yourself.

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    1. I wish it were that easy when filled with confusion and thoughts. I need to just trust in whatever happens.


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