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Happy Saturday fellow bloggers. We stumbled across this post in which we thought to be all too true and wanted to share this very good educational piece to read with you all.

By Dr. Perry, PhD “True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” ~Seneca We live in a world where most of our life essentials are one click away. Food, clothing, companionship, entertainment, and even sex can be attained by just a click. More and more we are giving our vital […]

To read the entire post click via Steps to Overcome Technology Addiction — MakeItUltra™


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    At my age I never got addicted to technology. We didn’t even have a television until I was 9, so I didn’t even get addicted to it. But I sure notice how many people are staring down instead of around. They are missing so much of life, both social and natural.

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    1. I can’t agree with you more. It’s all around us, every where we look. Kids version of hanging out together is by snap chatting and instagraming. I almost feel like it’s all become about status but thats just my personal opinion. While my generation was the last before technology exploded, I am so grateful for the simplicity we had being raised by your generation and at large living through yours.

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        I am thinking this through and intend to write about it when my thoughts coalesce.


  2. ortensia says:

    Last week I was treating myself and my daughters at the coffee shop and the table beside us was occupied by three teen ages girls ,while the one behind us was occupied by three guys slightly older(around 25 I suppose) that we’re chatting non stop.The girls instead never spoke a word as their eyes and fingers were on their phones.I dint pay attention until my eldest daughter(wh is 11 And is the only among other 3 in her class room not to have her own phone)made me notice it.In her voice there was stupor and a sort of good criticism,I think she couldn’t understand what was the point to go out with your friends if then you are just playing with your phone.I thought it was nice from her to notice it.Hope it will last😉

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    1. Wow sounds like you have a very smart, intelligent daughter on your hands. Good observation for someone of her age. See it comes to show that by not joining the crowd of many other parents allowing kids to have phones, laptops, etc that one is still doing great parenting. if anything, it’s almost better parenting because your providing the chance for your kids to take everything in and make their own observations with what’s wrong with all these tech gadgets these days. I applaud you!!!

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      1. ortensia says:

        Thank you☺️I wouldn’t go as far as applaude me 😜but yes there is much tech going on(and I am a fun of technological if it can do our life better)but I suppose a lot is on the parents as well.My neighbor s Kids that are 9 and 10 have their own phone,their own tablet and a tv in each of their bedrooms…………no wonder they never dress up for book s day…..the don’t know any characters who doesn’t come from a screen. 😱😂It is sad if you think about and it.I m very strict in this,no tv in the bedroom,not even mine.Bedtime is book time🤓happy Monday and sorry for the rant🙄


  3. Joanna Lynn says:

    Such good information. It reminds me when I was watching the Academy Awards and they had a Hollywood tour bus stop and come into the theater while it was happening. So many of them kept their phones out so they could film it or take pictures. The host said, “Stop taking pictures of George Clooney, actually talk to George Clooney!”


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