We braced ourselves, walking into the thin cold air; it was chilly and dark. Temperatures had been out of the norm and unusual for up here in the north. Let me tell you, negative degree weather is no joking matter especially when your not used to it. Yes, warmth at last! Spiffy and I made our way down the aisles as we watched numerous people load up their carts, preparing for what was ahead. The shelves were emptying fast. We joined the crowd and filled our small carrying basket with the little that was left on the shelves. what was to come was a snowstorm, our first ever to experience. Lucky for us, Spiffy and I now had a huge SUV that we converted into our sleeping shelter.

The two blasted the heat, turned off the car, and bundled up in the many layers we slept in. We awoke the following morning to snow mounted on our car. Wiping the interior window frost with the palm of her hand, Sweets got a glimpse of what they were in for. So much, you could’t even make out the parking spots from the actual parking lot, nothing but fog and a cloud of whiteness. Snow was coming down like huge gusts of wind, being sure to cover up every inch that could be seen. We cranked up the car and got the heat going. Meanwhile, Spiffy scrapped the snow off the windshield and off we were. Down the road we went, slowly creeping our way with snow galore coming down. there wasn’t slightist bit of traffic, go figure. We made it the closest indoor place, Starbucks; the one and only place that was pretty much open.

While there, it was funny and sweet, this guy comes in; I guess a neighbor of one of the employees who was here to pick her up because she was unable to drive herself with the storm. Well when she came out from the back another Starbucks employee said your uber was here and thank him up and down for doing so. There he sat patiently waiting with a coffee in his hand, giving her all the time she needed to close up as if there were not a storm brewing outside.

Although this weather feels miserable, it looks so beautiful. It’s not everyday you get to see landscape like this and I gotta say it was so pleasant to see all these selfless people out there shoveling away on the sidewalks and snowplowing the roads for the safety of others. Talk about a way to kick off the new year.

For those of you who are experiencing such weather, please drive with caution and travel safely.


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  1. Christy B says:

    Oh gosh, I’m glad you’re ok! Over here it is rainy and dismal but I’ll drive safe for sure.


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