We Got Robbed!

Part 1


Summer was coming to an end; the day turned dark and the evening grew cold. July 29th would be a day that the two would remember as the worst days so far to experience. It had been a long drive when they finally made it back. The road was empty, their surrounding were now nothing but woodsy lush forests meanwhile, Sweets was just about ready to get some shuteye for the rest of the evening as her eyelids weighed heavy, causing her to barely keep herself awake, on top of which was chilly out; a first in awhile.  I can still remember that day so very vividly. We turned onto the narrow dirt road and put our car in park; making our way up and through the trail towards our tent. By now, it was pitch black, nothing but the moon and stars were among us. I must say, there is something about being alone within nature, it’s rejuvenating, and makes you feel at peace.IMG_8423

Sweets got into the tent. When she did, Spiffy asked for his mag light. Sweets scrimmaged around for it, “it’s not in here. I can’t find it.” Spiffy half sarcastically replied back “Oh, so it was stolen? C’mon where is it?” As she jokingly laughed back “Yeah,” but at the same time thought to herself, perhaps it had been, even though it was a far-fetched thing to think. He thought surely it has to be somewhere but gave up thinking it was bound to turn up at some point. At that same moment, realizing she had left her ear buds in which she had slept with behind at the car, she practically dashed to the car from it being so cold, leaving Spiffy behind in her shadow. When they returned, I was just about to let myself into the tent when Spiffy something rather odd “Our EcoZoom! It’s GONE! It’s been stolen.”





One Comment Add yours

  1. midlifemimi says:

    Sometimes people really disturb me. So sorry this happened to you!


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