NOW CLOSED! Calling All Blogs with Less Than 200 Followers

Hi fellow bloggers,

We are super excited to say that we have just been nominated for The Liebster Award and are hoping to receive it.

So here is the deal,  we have to nominate 11 bloggers for this award that have fewer than 200 followers.

If you believe your blog is worthy of an award and would like to accept, please be sure to contact us below in the comment box ASAP. We will review all blogs sent to us and will then choose 11 blogs for the award.

Hope to hear from many of you soon. Good luck to you all.

Write with passion😀




16 Comments Add yours

  1. Teehee. Do you know your excerpt says “Lobster Awards”? That’s autocorrect, eh.

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    1. Haha whattt?!? can’t stand that auto correct, I had to constantly respell Liebster because of that and thought I got them all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention I beed to fix that.

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  2. Would like to participate if not too late. Thanks, hintsoflifesite


    1. We apologize, The Liebster award has now ended. If one should come again, we’ll keep you in mind.

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  3. No. Again. The comment did not go through

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    1. I apologize. What is it thats not going through?


  4. Lost your comment on Tree Root. Send it again if you have time. Thank you.


  5. Travelling Warrior.leegunnblog says:

    Definitely less than 200 on wordpress as other blogs seem to liked to be followed but never ever follow back 😃

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  6. isousaoneshaug says:

    Thanks again for your kind comment on our post!
    Never heard about this award before, but would be interesting to participate if you find our blog worthy. We have only 15 follower at the moment btw.

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    1. Agh shucks. I wish I saw your comment sooner. I did the deciding factor yesterday. There will be many more to come I’m sure though, I’ll keep you in mind🙂


  7. Congrats!! Love to see others appreciating your blog too!


  8. Congratulations and well-deserved!


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