Yet Again

taconic drive

It was July 16th, almost a whole two months living this lifestyle. Can you believe it? If you asked me a year ago if I could of ever lived for an extended period of time this way, you would have heard the words no way! come out of my mouth. It’s for sure still difficult in certain situations for not only me but Spiffy as well but have so far learned a lot along the way. We are determined to continue plunging along. If we were to give up now what would we have gained from all this, ya know? With a little bit of optimism and willpower, I know we’ll be able to stay on track and pull through and get to where we want to be; meeting our goals as intended. Having faith that god is watching out over us and helping us make the right decisions along the way is what keeps us motivated too.

tent door
Interior of our tent

Spiffy and I scanned our bodies as usual before calling it a night to make sure we had no creepy crawlers on us; we were in the clear. Before I knew it, the sun was rising just beyond the trees that surrounded us, giving off a warm orange glow. I took a couple articles of clothing out from my book bag, a t-shirt and gym shorts. As I repositioned the way I was sitting after getting dressed for the day, Spiffy got a glimpse of black dot on my back upper left thigh. “Stop for a second, let me check something out.” Spiffy said to me in a concerned tone of voice. He brushed over the area with his finger examining it closely. “We have to go to the car.” Spiffy urgently said. “That’s a tick.” How was that possible? I had checked myself so thoroughly last night. Man oh man, these creatures have a way of crawling on your skin in more places than one without you feeling a thing and burying itself under your skin. Chilling, right? We were becoming quite a pro at this; first Spiffy now me. Within no time, Spiffy removed the tick.

Although I covered what to do in this type of situation in an older post of ours, here is a step-by-step layout:

  • Fill a capful of rubbing alcohol
  • Put the cap filled alcohol directly over tick pressed against your skin as you would with a suction cup (trying not to spill to much in the process)
  • Press firmly for a minimum of 2-5 minutes – This
  • Remove cap off
  • Take tweezers and gently yank on the tick (The head is what’s planted under the skin so be sure not to squeeze or yank to quickly or else there’s a chance of detaching the body from head.)
  • Dispose tick bit in a tightly sealed bag (these things are impossible to kill)
  • Clean affected area


While your generally safe from catching anything a tick may be carrying within the first 24 hours of a tick bite, It is crucial to remove as soon as you notice it because any length of time beyond 24hrs can cause diseases they have or infections. The head of a tick is what’s planted under the skin, so be sure not to squeeze or yank too hard and quickly or else there’s a chance of detaching the body from head. It is a good rule of thumb to follow up with your general practitioner for any possible symptoms you may have.







Taconic pkwy

Sweets had gotten so freaked out; not knowing if that was an area she had missed when examining herself the night before due to it being in a hard to reach location that she went to a doctor that same day. As worried as Sweets was, she bagged up the tick and even brought it into the office for testing which turns out they don’t do, and was positive she was walking around with Lyme disease just waiting for the doctor to confirm the results. Nope, nothing! The doctor mentioned that it usually takes a month for symptoms to develop and that there’s a great chance I didn’t catch anything given the fact that we took the tick out upon noticing it and that not all even carry a disease. We went about our business the remainder of the day, hitting up a Starbucks. With a Starbucks always being somewhere in any given city, it has truly given us a peaceful cozy environment to get work done. Oh how can I forget, coffee too, haha!

 “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooooh now those tick are nasty.. and I so hope you got him all out.. I hear so many stories of Lymes disease, and have a blogging friend who suffers from it via a tick.. So I am pleased you know what you are doing..
    Sending LOVE… ❤ xxx


  2. Graham says:

    I’ve never seen a tick up close but thanks for the knowledge! Always good to learn stuff cos I think I’d have just pulled it. 🙂


  3. Vilma Fbf says:

    Ticks are yucky, really the downside of life in the nature. We have so many in the area where our summer cottage is, that we scan our kids every night for ticks… but you got it out, yay! And we’ve had several and only my brother got some disease out of it, it wasn’t Lyme’s though but something less severe, more annoying.


  4. Robyn Haynes says:

    Ticks are a part of life here in Oz. Nasty little critters they are too. Hope all turns out well for you.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    They are so tiny and do so much damage. My son-in-law went through a bad bout with Lyme, though he has recovered.


  6. I am loving your blog! Your positive energy is wonderful! Even with something like this, you find a way to spin some happy into the story. Stay safe!


  7. pommepal says:

    Tics are terrible I have had a couple on me in very embarrassing place, my partner, Jack, never gets them…


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