Too Close For Comfort

It was freezing temperatures; the rain would not stop for anything. What was this Spring in June?! Roughing it was not easy by any means but had to make due, there is no way around it. The last thing we were going to do was stay in a hotel, that would just defeat the whole purpose of this journey. We couldn’t stop shivering. We only had one sleeping bag to share, using clothes as padding. After getting situated that first night, we were ready to doze off when we suddendly heard hooting. I thought how cool yet how annoying is this given the hour it was.

The noise kept us up until it slowly drifted afar, allowing us to get some much-needed sleep, or so we thought… It was just after 3am when out of nowhere hooting began once again, except this time sounded as though it were a few if not more causing ruckus. 

Talk about waking up groggy the next morning.

The days to follow were rainy, mucky, and wet. Thinking this was bad enough, night three rolled around, and it was then that the hooting quickly turned into growling noise. Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more scared than darkness itself, it was apparent that there was more out there than imagined, not in a good way!

Scared as can be…
We nearly jumped out of our socks, our bodies trembling. In that moment, terrified as can be we sat there frozen like statues, the growling coming closer and closer. Before we new it is rearing around the corner, in seconds was right behind our tent as a matter of fact. We had not a clue as to what it was or what to do. Realizing we were on unknown territory that clearly was not ours was very unsettling. What we thought was an owl, was not one but many coyotes.

Boy did we choose the perfect spot…


You may wonder what does one do when in this situation?                                                   There is one DIY way that can easily be done from an arms length away:

  • Grab a nearby rock or stone
  •  find any kind of metal object (Maglite being our secret choice of weapon).
  • Now using the two together, clank it against one another several times, loudly.

By doing so, will help rid nearby predators. Keep in mind though it won’t keep away the noise of coyotes or possible other wildlife in the distant.





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  1. angelanoelauthor says:

    What a wildlife adventure! I got to the end and read the rock and maglite combo and thought “Oh no! I couldn’t throw it at a coyote!” But then. . . of course! Loud noises make way more sense. Phew.


  2. Great post and quite scary!

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    1. That was a fearful week indeed. I think we’ve now become somewhat immune if we ever hear noise remotely close to that now. Luckily haven’t had anything remotely close to that since.

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  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    I love hearing the wildlife at night. I feel pretty good about how to handle certain situations. It’s the city wildlife that scares me! Haha! The rock and metal is smart. I do that in the presence of bears, unless I don’t think they will see me, then I hide and watch. Nature is so full of amazing experiences.
    Nice post.
    And thanks for visiting my site.

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    1. Well that make one of us😉 nighttime wildlife to us is unsettling, unless it’s along the lines of frogs croaking or crickets chirping. Haha I’m not sure about the comparison but I can see the scariness if the city though. So you do the same? That’s awesome😄 we wouldn’t be opposed to sitting back at times but with all the rain we’ve had no choice but to sleep with the tent canopy on, which doesn’t allow us to see outside our tent to know what animals are what. That in itself causes more fear I think in those moments


  4. poeturja says:

    Coyotes are quite scary as are any unfamiliar wildlife. I know this sounds crazy but I live on the edge of a swamp and one time I was overrun with crows and made noises with my trash can lid. Then, my roomie had an airsoft gun (plastic pellets) and shot at them but they just cawed more and of course didn’t fly away. So I took out my ukulele and played “Leaving On A Jet Plane” (and sang) and they “talked” to each other and then flew away. Never returned! I guess I’m thinking coyotes = canines and my dogs love my playing. Perhaps, if you play an instrument, you might try that. Of course I realize that crows are no where near as big as coyotes so be smarter than I am 😀 Love your blog and looking forward to reading more…


  5. thephraser says:

    Eeeek! Glad it all ended happily … if a bit soggily!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah tell me about it 😬 for people that were relatively new to living this way, you could imagine how frightening it was for us lol

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  6. Cherryl says:

    Wow, well done – that must have been terrifying, what a brave adventure!

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    1. Oh boy, was it ever! some things you just don’t anticipate or expect happening until your in the situation in shock.

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