Adventure Awaits Us

We hit the road, driving wherever our new beginning to our grand adventure awaits us, not nearly as prepared as we should be for what was to come ahead. Two people alike; we didn’t choose this path, this path chose us. We had a burning desire to take on what others would perceive as the impractical, so that we could truly live out our life dreams.
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Suddenly out of nowhere we stumbled upon a gravel road where our surroundings were nothing but leafy green trees, and an ample amount of nature. And so, we put the car in park and took the trail to a spot that could only be described as a sense of tranquility; tall leafless pine trees path a way to a mapped out open circle where the limbs delicately drape over one another, barely allowing any sun rays to shine through. It was quite magical. Knowing this was the spot we grabbed our gear, not like we had much to grab; Tent, blanket, sleeping bags, pillows, one backpack and the clothes on our back. Keep in mind we plan to not only camp one or two nights. Rather, we plan to live off the land of nature itself to put ourselves up to the challenge to better our own well-being and to meet our life goals so that we can live out our life dreams, and so we can live a truly honest happy life. 



The camp was now all set up, just in time to catch some z’s. and so the journey begins. Here goes nothing.

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All Set

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  1. To live like Thoreau is an admirable project! Good luck with your endeavor.

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    1. Thank you so very much. Your words are what help us get through this rough patch we are in.

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  2. Wow! You are truly inspiring! I really enjoy your writing style!

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    1. Really? Thank you very much😊 We really appreciate the sweet compliment of yours.


  3. Liesbet says:

    Where are you traveling at the moment? Do you plan to camp out every night, in a tent?

    We once lived out of our car and a tent with our two dogs for two months in the US. The weather made us huddle in a bathroom once at night and we had to spend a couple of nights in a hotel room, to let all our gear dry out!!

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    1. We are currently in the northern part of the US. So far we have spent every single night in a tent even through the worst of weather. We typically air out our items in the car while on the road if anything gets rained on. Wow that is so brave of you to not only sleep out of a tent but having two dogs to care for while doing so at the same time. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the reason for handling in the restrooms at times?


      1. Liesbet says:

        We once got soaking wet in the tent, which unexpectedly happened to be on the path of water run-off during a heavy rainstorm. Our mats were lying in puddles of water. That’s why we spent that one night in the drafty restroom building of the state park with our dogs. I’m sure camping materials are better these days. That was 10 years ago.

        Wow, you guys are being hard core! We are much happier with our camper van now. 🙂

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        1. Oh my that sounds like it was quite a downpour. I’m sure that wasn’t your best of nights getting sleep. Having your mats get soaping wet is the last thing you want when its the one thing you sleep on. Yeah, I think certain camping gear has come along way since them other than tents, they seem to be the one item that hasn’t been altered much. That’s for sure a step up than traditional camping, camper vans are like a miniature house in itself. Haha thanks😄 when your not given may options, your more willing to find a way to make due.


  4. Sartenada says:

    Adventures are waiting for You.

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    1. Haha they sure are, hopefully all good ones I hope🙂


  5. Rachael O says:

    Oh my gosh, you guys are so courageous for leaving behind the constraints of modern society and just embracing nature! I’m excited to continue to follow your journey!

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    1. I’m so exciting to have you be part of our journey😄 thank you for such positive words. It surprising wasn’t all that hard. We do get out in civilization for things we need and what not but as far as our home base goes…nature is our home.


  6. dunelight says:

    I love camping, enjoy it to the fullest!


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